The Music

Just like everyone else (we’re pretty sure) who has written a book, music was there, humming and crooning and drumming and beating us along. There was one rule for any song to make it onto the playlist: it had to have been released between Thomas’s birth year and the year of his death. Kris painstakingly but eagerly put together this compilation, Jessie gave obnoxious and useless input, complained a lot and demanded a lot, which is generally how we compromise in all things.

Kris says: listen, 8 tracks is not ideal because it only allows two songs per artist/album. HOW DO YOU CHOOSE ONLY TWO BEATLES SONGS? HOW DO YOU CHOOSE ONLY TWO KINKS SONGS? Also, you’re limited to what’s in their catalog, so some tracks or versions of songs (that is NOT the Paul Mariat that I have!) that Kris has because her iTunes is over 100gb large did not make the cut.

Jessie griped about some of my song choices saying Thomas would never, and that’s okay. This is what I listened to when it was my time to write, and it’s both Thomas and Catherine songs. Like, “Never on a Sunday” by the Chordettes? I just imagine that playing any time they’re at Catherine’s house when her mom is there. With a half apron and a beehive and frosty pink lipstick.

I called this “i want him to cry into a nightmare here” because it was a line we had written in the margins part from an earlier revision; we ended up not crying him into a nightmare, but I liked the line enough to use it as a playlist title.

Also, yes; the cover art is him. The real him, I mean.

Anyway, here it is. Enjoy.


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